Rethink and Eliminate

As you go over your sodium sweep, rethink and decide which high-sodium items you can do without. That's the easiest way of all to cut down on your sodium intake. In Christy's case, the sodium in the packaged side dishes really adds up. She has always relied on a particular brown rice pilaf mix for an easy side dish, but when she sees the cost in sodium that comes with the convenience, she's quick to decide that the cost is too high. She decides instead to cook plain organic brown rice and add her own seasonings that aren't salt based.

Another rethink for Christy is her favorite brand-name frozen Chinese entrée. She has options: she could switch to a lower-sodium brand, but for the biggest impact, she can give up the super-sodium lunch every week and enjoy other favorite ethnic foods at dinner or on weekends instead.

The biggest contributor to Christy's sodium intake is chicken noodle soup. Christy grew up with canned soups as a staple, so she keeps them on hand now as a matter of course. She still loves having soup for lunch, but she decides that canned chicken noodle is one item she and her family can definitely live without. She'd rather try some lower-sodium options or spend a little time making her own healthy soups instead of serving a salty canned soup out of habit. What items in your list can you rethink and do without?



chicken noodle soup at 890 per 1 cup prepared, 2 × per week


frozen Chinese entrée at 1,350 mg per serving, 1 × per week


organic brown rice pilaf mix at 530 mg per ½ cup, 2 × per week


total monthly sodium savings


*Sodium values have been rounded to the nearest 5 mg.

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