Take a Stepwise Approach

In the process of assessing your sodium sources, don't let the numbers discourage you. If you're not ready to go to the lowest sodium level right away, choose a product that has less than the one you're using now. Remember that reducing sodium at home is not an all-or-nothing proposition. If using salt-free broth is too extreme for you, switching from regular broth to a 33 percent reduced-sodium version will still move you in the right direction. You can also try combining reduced-sodium and salt-free broths to find a mix that works. If you keep making these small changes, you'll be surprised by how much sodium you can gradually eliminate from your diet.

You don't need to restock your entire kitchen at one time either, although we've provided a list of Sodium-Smart Staples in case it's helpful. Just stay alert when you shop and keep looking for the best alternative for you at the present time. Many food manufacturers are working toward reducing the sodium in their products, even if they don't make a claim to that effect on their labels. Every so often, recheck nutrition facts labels for your favorite products and be open to new items when they are introduced. As the importance of reducing sodium becomes more widely recognized, you will see more reformulation of food products and the lowering of sodium values. Once you know the facts, it's up to you to decide how to translate them into action.

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