Theory: Taoist Astral Healing is the second level of Cosmic Healing in the Universal Healing Tao Healing Arts. We call this practice “Cosmic Healing” because we ultimately learn to use the forces of nature, human will, and cosmic particles to transform negativity stored in the body. The Taoist recognizes that human beings have a limited capacity for chi. However, if we are able to connect with the sources of chi in the universe, we gain an infinite capacity for chi, and we constantly fill ourselves with the unlimited abundance of energy around us. This book specifically focuses on the teachings of Taoist astrology and explores how we can use this ancient wisdom about the energies of the cosmos in our spiritual and healing practice.

Concept: Taoist Astral Healing provides a step-by-step program for refining the ability to cultivate, circulate, and retain chi from the stars and planets. It offers advanced techniques for drawing down energies from the stars and planets in order to grow in awareness and to develop full soul potential. Harnessing these energies allows you to break through the cycles of attraction and addiction, promote longevity, and transform your physical and energy body into your light body in order to heal yourself and others as you discover your own divinity.

Purpose: The goal of our meditative practices is to tune in to the energy frequencies and awareness field of the planets and stars and integrate these into our physical body. As children of the universe, we are not only created by the divine intelligence and subtle substance of the cosmos, but if we allow it, we can also be co-creators of its evolutionary process.

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