Theory: Advanced Chi Nei Tsang is the second level of the Chi Nei Tsang practices. It is based on the notion that every organ in the body has an intrinsic wind that flows and circulates in a healthy manner to support the maintenance of vitality. If there are blockages in the internal energy routes, the winds become renegade forces that throw the body further out of balance. Trapped wind is heavy, gray, and sick, like a damp room with no ventilation. Using Advanced Chi Nei Tsang is akin to opening the right windows to let the stagnant wind go out and to assist in reestablishing a healthy flow of vital energy.

Concept: Releasing the tension around the navel creates a space where the sick winds can gather in the way that water pools when you make a hole in the earth. It is an invitation for the winds to come to this area. Your work is to collect them there and then assist them by creating movement so they can leave the body, making space for healthy chi.

Purpose: Advanced Chi Nei Tsang will guide you deeper into the rib cage, abdomen, and navel center, teaching you how to use the elbow and knuckle techniques to release negative emotions, stress, tension, and sick-ness. These techniques are applied to the abdominal center where the universal, cosmic particle, and earth forces are combined and stored.

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