Theory: Tai Chi Fa Jin is the Tai Chi Chi Kung Discharge Form of the Universal Healing Tao system. Discharge power is the ability of the practitioner to issue force or power without evident effort. It involves the cultivation of power deep within and a calculated discharge of that power in a highly focused and carefully executed form.

Concept: The Tai Chi Chi Kung Discharge Form is a Yang style form with thirteen movements (eight gates and five positions) in four directions, beginning in the north and moving counterclockwise 360 degrees then clockwise 360 degrees. The steps required to accomplish Fa Jin will be explained through the lens of practices taught within the Universal Healing Tao system, including Iron Shirt structure, the transfer of power from the tan tien and turning of the waist as taught in the basic form of Tai Chi Chi Kung and Tan Tien Chi Kung, and the coupling of yin and yang as taught in the Fusion practices and Kan and Li meditations.

Purpose: Fa Jin is the transformation of an opponent's yang and tension energy, which is neutralized deep in the earth and the lower tan tien, and combined with yin energy. From this coupling there is an explosion of jin, which is then discharged back to the opponent. By doing your daily Fa Jin practice, you imprint the form into your energy body, so that you will take the form and its movements with you to the next level of existence when you leave your physical body.

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