Applications for Specific Ailments

Applications for Specific AilmentsHeart Attacks/The Life and Death Point

(Pages 110–12)

During an acute heart attack, the point between T4 and T6 on the left will be protruding noticeably and should be massaged with your elbow until the protrusion recedes.

Stand behind a sitting person or lay him comfortably face down.

Locate the protruding/pulsing point between T4 and T6 on the left side, between the scapula and the spine. Press your knuckle or elbow into it until it recedes.

Spiral your hand above this point to direct the wind down the per-son's left arm and hand; move it out of the body and into the ground.

After the emergency technique, massage the same point on the right side. Then massage the liver, gallbladder, duodenum, and both intestines, paying special attention to the ileocecal valve.

Remove wind from the liver (see techniques for the First Wind). Move the winds down the legs and feet, then out of the body and into the earth.

Applications for Specific Ailments

The Life and Death point on the left and the corresponding point on the right

Applications for Specific AilmentsHeart/Kidney/Breast Blockages

(Pages 113–14)

Open the Life and Death point with your knuckle.

Spiral your hand over the area to gather the stagnant chi, then sweep it down the arm and out through the hand.

Repeat steps 1 and 2 on the other side, then flush the wind down the arms.

Massage the area around the top and sides of the pubic bone, then flush the wind down the legs. Have student repeat this massage every day at home.

Applications for Specific AilmentsReleasing Anger in the Jaw and Liver

(Page 115)

Use your knuckle to massage point 24 on the right side (on the lowest ribs, over the liver).

Hold the head steady, cup your fingers under the opposite side of the jaw, and use your thumb to release point 13 (under the chin). Repeat on opposite side of the jaw.

Applications for Specific Ailments

Point 13

Applications for Specific AilmentsArthritis

Do not perform this massage on varicose veins.

1. Legs: Kneel beside a standing student and hold the front of the knee in one hand. With the other palm, swiftly slap the back of the knee 9–36 times. Repeat on other leg.

2. Arms: Grip the student's elbow, and slap the inside of the arm at the elbow crease 18 times. Repeat on the other arm.

Applications for Specific AilmentsHiatal Hernia

(Pages 118–20)

1. Open the wind gates, the navel, and the pakua.

2. Massage the abdomen, releasing knots and tangles in the stomach and intestines. Focus on the upper left corner, just below the stomach.

3. Spiral and release the wind down the arms and legs.

4. Have student make the spleen's, heart's, lung's, and liver's sounds.

Applications for Specific Ailments

Slapping technique

Applications for Specific Ailments

Hiatal hernia

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