Call to arms! - Part 1

Did you deliver?

Did you train consistently? Did you use correct exercise technique in every set? Did you train hard enough? Did you deliver the training goods?

Did you sleep enough each night? Did you avoid distractions that would reduce your sleeping hours? Did you deliver the goods as far as sleep is concerned?

Did you eat well each day? Did you meet your caloric requirements each day? Did you avoid junk food? Did you concentrate on food, not supplements? Did you deliver the nutritional goods?

Are you getting stronger, while maintaining correct exercise technique?

Make each day count, and make each week a perfect example of training, sleep, and nutrition. You can do this — week in and week out.


Even the best training know-how is worthless unless fused with dedication to consistent action. But even dedication in abundance will be wasted if it's combined with a poor training and recovery program.

Many people consider dedication as drudgery. This is a mistake. Dedication is a virtue.

Dedication includes discipline. Discipline means doing what needs to be done with consistency and perseverance. If it's time to train, then train you must regardless of the weather, what's on TV, or whatever other potential distraction there may be.

Make exercise a priority.

Never bemoan the discipline that must accompany serious training. And never bemoan the discipline that must be applied to your nutrition, and other components of recuperation. To have the opportunity to apply this discipline is a blessing.

The greatness of real bodybuilding

Muscle-building isn't just for competitive bodybuilders. It's for everyone who wants to take charge of their physical appearance and conditioning, regardless of age, gender, or background.

With the required determination of purpose, know-how, dedication, and perseverance, you can transform your body.

The benefits aren't merely cosmetic. The programs promoted in this book, if implemented properly, will produce extensive health benefits. By improving your health and vigor you'll add life to your years, and possibly years to your life.

Real bodybuilding is worth your best effort!

Determination of purpose







Call to arms!


You won't be able to train forever. Make the most of the present — commit to unwavering dedication to your training, recuperation, and health.

How to train hard but with discipline

Some trainees find visualizations helpful, others find them a distraction.

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