The lexicon of muscle-building, and training - Part 15

A purpose-made weight belt usually doesn't have a buckle, but has a chain or other method for attaching a weight. Weight can also be suspended from a lifting belt that has a buckle, although that isn't its primary function, and its potential for holding resistance may be smaller than that of a weight belt.


Directional term referring to portions of limbs or bones relatively away from their point of origin or attachment. For instance, the elbow is distal to the shoulder, and the knee is distal to the pelvis. Distal is opposite of proximal.

Divided program

The division of a full-body program of exercises into two or three different routines, as distinct from a full- or whole-body routine that's performed in its entirety at a single workout. A divided program is a form of a split routine.


Delayed-onset muscle soreness. This is the type of soreness that takes a day or two to be felt following exercise, but when it comes it can be severe. It's usually caused by sudden, severe demands in an exercise program. Careful, progressive introduction of changes to an exercise program should prevent severe DOMS.


Pertaining to the posterior or back part of an organ or body.


Movement of a bodypart in the direction of its rear aspect — for example, dorsiflexion of the foot means bringing the foot toward its shin.

Double progression

The method of progressing in reps to a predetermined number, then adding weight to the bar and dropping reps a few, and then building back to the predetermined maximum number of reps prior to another weight increment. For example, 100 pounds for six reps this week, 100 for seven reps next week, and so forth, until 100 for ten can be performed; then the weight is increased to say 105 pounds, and the reps dropped to six once again. The double progression is in the reps and the weight, as distinct from single progression where only the weight or rep count is increased.

Double-split routine

Working out two times a day, rotating different routines over two or three days, then repeating the sequence. It was popularized by famous bodybuilders who had fantastic genetics for bodybuilding, and drug assistance.

Drop sets

See Descending sets.


A mini barbell, usually used with a single hand. Fixed-weight dumbbells have the plates locked in position, and are typically found in matching pairs, stored on racks. Adjustable dumbbells have collars that can be released so that the weight can be adjusted, and then the collars are re-tightened.

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