The lexicon of muscle-building, and training - Part 52

As with the shrug bar, the trap bar deadlift employs a parallel grip.


Abbreviation for the trapezius muscle — the large, kite-shaped muscle of the upper back and rear neck.

Trimming down

The losing of bodyfat in order to produce a lean physique.


The sequencing of three exercises, performed with little or no rest between sets.


The chest and abdominal portions of the body.


Time under load, the length of time a given sequence of reps loads the involved musculature. TUL may be just a few seconds for a single rep, or 30 seconds for a sequence of five reps, or another time period. The number of reps, the speed of each, and any pause between reps, determine the overall TUL.


The point at which the upward phase of a rep transitions into the downward phase, and the downward phase transitions into the upward phase — the turning around points.


Time under tension, which excludes the pauses between reps from TUL, to produce the time period of a set that puts the muscle(s) under tension.



The bone of the forearm on the side opposite to the thumb.


Brand name of exercise machinery. From the 1950s it was the first mass-produced equipment that permitted a number of trainees to exercise at the same time, each using a different station from a multi-gym. Weight stacks are built into the machine to make the apparatus self-contained and ideal for locations where theft or loss of plates and other free-weights equipment are problems, space is at a premium, and little or no supervision is available. Universal also makes individual machine units that aren't parts of a multi-gym.


Verb that means removing a bar from the bar holders in a rack, or any sort of stand that holds a barbell. Unrack is the opposite of rack.



Visible veins.


A person who doesn't eat meat, fish, fowl, or, in some cases, any food derived from animals, including eggs and dairy products. The latter is the strict interpretation of vegetarianism, and is also called veganism. A lacto-ovo vegetarian includes dairy products and eggs, but no flesh products; a lacto-vegetarian includes dairy products but no eggs or flesh products; and an ovo-vegetarian includes eggs but no dairy or flesh products.


A vessel that carries blood from various parts of the body to the heart.

Vertebral column

See Spine.


Any of a group of organic substances, mostly supplied by food, that are involved in chemical reactions, thus helping to regulate metabolism.

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