The lexicon of muscle-building, and training - Part 54

Many machines — selectorized ones — have built-in plates in the form of a stack, akin to a vertical pile of thin bricks. This is a weight stack. A small pin is slotted in at the appropriate height to select the required weight. Weight stacks usually have increments such as 10 or 15 pounds per level. To produce gradual progression, small plates may be fixed onto the weight stack by putting the loading pin through the small plates prior to the pin going into the stack.

Weight training

An umbrella term used to include all types of training that involve the use of weights, with each type having its own goals and methods, but all forms having much in common.

Here's most of the entry on Weight training in the ENCYCLOPAEDIA BRITANNICA:

Weight training is a system of physical conditioning using such weights as barbells and dumbbells and other devices, including Nautilus machines. It is a training system rather than a competitive sport such as weight lifting or power lifting.

Weight training is used both for physical rehabilitation and for athletic and general conditioning. Athletes use it to improve their performance by increasing strength and endurance. It is used extensively by track-and-field athletes, swimmers, football players, and soccer players, as well as by other sportsmen for whom basic strength is important to their training program.

Weight training also is used to promote general physical fitness and conditioning and to develop the musculature for physique and bodybuilding contests.

Generally, the type and number of exercises vary with the practitioner's objectives, age, sex, weight, and experience. Because of this, weight training is best performed under the direction of an experienced coach or physical therapist.

Weight tree

Apparatus to store weight plates on while they aren't in use.


Slang for the lower limbs, also sometimes called pins.

Working in

Cooperatively working with a fellow trainee on a given exercise, typically through alternating sets. “Can I work in with you?” is a common gym refrain.


A bodybuilding, strength-training, cardio, or flexibility session.

Work sets

The demanding sets of a given exercise, as distinct from warm-up sets. Work sets have the potential to stimulate muscular growth and strength increase.



Many people consider the development of flexibility alone to be yoga, but the postures that promote suppleness are only a part of yoga. Hatha yoga is the main branch of yoga known in the West.

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