The lexicon of muscle-building, and training - Part 58

Building on the methods promoted in those two classic works, the new series presents premier bodybuilding workout routines that are immaculately detailed, rich in new material, thoroughly up-to-date, and proven to be super-effective.

The guidance in this book teaches what Stuart calls “Course #1.” Before anabolic steroids started to infest the bodybuilding world, variations of Course #1 were famous, popular, and responsible for building tons of muscle. But in the 1960s, when the use of steroids became popular among competitive bodybuilders, the popularity of Course #1 began to wane. Since then, the training routines most commonly promoted in the bodybuilding world have been those used by physique stars who were genetically gifted for bodybuilding and on steroids. But those training routines don't work well, if at all, for most other bodybuilders.

This book is founded on the amazing progress that Peary Rader made — around 50 pounds of natural muscle growth following 12 years of failure on other routines. Here are the three primary characteristics of Course #1:


It's very effective. Its track record for producing lots of muscle growth is illustrious (even for hard gainers).


It's up to date. The routine that Peary used has been modernized in this book. The version you can apply is even better than the original one. (There are better training tools today, and knowledge of nutrition and the other components of recuperation is much greater nowadays.)


It's personalized. You'll be taught how to modify the routine so that it suits you perfectly.

When applied properly, this may be the #1 muscle-building routine for drug-free, genetically typical bodybuilders. And because this legendary routine doesn't require long or overly frequent workouts, it's suitable even for busy people.

This book provides the most complete, up-to-date and useful guidance ever published on this fabulous bodybuilding routine. It includes the routine's background and history, the modernization of it, the essential foundation phase, the special training schedules, how to train (including exercise technique in great detail), the components of recuperation, and two inspiring illustrations of how to put Course #1 into practice (from Peary Rader and Stuart).

If other instruction hasn't produced the muscle mass you want, why stick with it? Instead, apply the routine that's explained in this book — it's proven to build lots of muscle mass fast.

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