The lexicon of muscle-building, and training - Part 59


There are 89 issues of HARDGAINER. They provide more result-producing advice for drug-free bodybuilders and strength trainees than is available in any other magazine. They are crammed with practical advice, and wisdom.

HARDGAINER speaks to the hard-gaining typical individual. But average potential doesn't have to mean average achievements. In fact, an impressive physique and a terrific level of strength are well within your reach. They key, though, is in the right approach. That's what HARDGAINER is about. Fresh information, and the expertise and experiences of a range of contributors can be found in each issue. And there's plenty of grassroots material, to show you the ins and outs of the practical reality of applying abbreviated training.

The content of HARDGAINER doesn't date. The back issues provide a wealth of experience and advice, and include features such as:

Inspirational articles on developing the right training philosophy.

Sample workouts for bodybuilders, including specialization routines.

Programs for powerlifters, and strength trainees.

Advice for new, intermediate, and advanced trainees.

How-to articles about specific exercises.

Guidance on the psychology of training.

Exercise equipment information.

Guidance on training in home gyms, and commercial gyms.

“From the Grassroots” articles, and readers' letters.

Questions and answers on all aspects of training and related topics.

Success stories.

Guidance and tips on nutrition, and recuperation in general.

Biographies, and interviews.

Guidance on the treatment and prevention of injuries.

And Stuart edited each issue, and contributed to every one, too.

While most of the first 44 issues are in photocopy format, all the others are in the original format. All the back issues are available, however, and the contents of each are listed at www.hardgainer.com


The back issues are available exclusively from



This 136-page workbook contains everything you need to track your progress — day by day, week by week, month by month, year by year.

A training journal is indispensable for keeping you on track for training success. No matter where you are now — 180-pound squat or 500, 13-inch arms or 17, 135-pound bench press or 350 — the systematic organization and focus upon achieving goals that a training journal enforces, will help you to improve your physique steadily and consistently.

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