The lexicon of muscle-building, and training - Part 60

While most trainees are aware of the potential value of a training log, few actually keep one; and that's one of the major reasons why they make minimal or no progress.

There are sample filled-out log pages, and then many detailed blank log pages. The log pages track not only the specifics of your weight training — exercises, set-up details, sets and reps, poundages, and a comments area for each workout — but also nutrition, sleep, and body composition.

As simple as it is to use a training log, don't underestimate the role it can play in helping you to maximize your training productivity.

One training log will track your progress for at least 24 months — that's a cost of just $1.00 per month. And this log is built for the job it's designed to do. For example, its robust paper provides the strength to withstand heavy use, and the spiral binding enables the book to open flat for ease of use when entering data. This is no ordinary training diary.

THE MUSCLE AND MIGHT TRAINING TRACKER costs $19.95 (or £11.95, in the UK), plus $5.00 (or £3.00) for postage and handling.

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This is the classic book that started a bodybuilding revolution, first published in 1991. BRAWN focuses on genetic realities, appropriate role models, and most of the ins and outs of successful drug-free training. It's especially strong in the philosophical underpinning behind rational training. It also details how the genetically blessed are gifted, and shows why conventional training is so unproductive for typical people.

BRAWN is now in a 230-page, third edition.

“BRAWN bowled me over. It's an exceptional nuts and bolts compilation of productive training practices; so exceptional, in fact, that it's avant-garde.”

– Jan Dellinger, York Barbell Company

“Are you tired of all the look-alike bodybuilding books? Are you tired of buying little more than a collection of photos of bodybuilding superstars and a pile of routines that will never work for the average person? Here's something different.

“If you thought Arnold Schwarzenegger put Graz, Austria on the bodybuilding map, how about Stuart McRobert and Nicosia, Cyprus? Imagine, one man, on a Mediterranean island, who has the audacity to directly challenge most contemporary bodybuilding advice. Instead of being yet another me-too bodybuilding book, McRobert's BRAWN is unique: Its tone is serious, its manner evangelical, but most important, its focus is on things that actually work for the average trainee. 'Drugs are evil and the scourge of bodybuilding,' says McRobert, in effect, 'and forget about Mr.

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