The lexicon of muscle-building, and training - Part 62

Summary of how to ensure a successful training cycle

What if you're an extreme hard gainer?

SECTION 3: Special issues


A real-life training cycle for you to learn from


How a training nightmare was silenced


How to never let your age hold back your training


Your how-to of practical bodybuilding nutrition


Additional important training information


Beyond the exterior


How to get a grip on your life, and put all that you've learned from this book into action, now!

Postscript: Did you deliver

About the author


Chapter 17 describes Stuart's long training cycle that culminated in deadlifting 400 pounds for 20 reps.

“For bodybuilding instruction, BEYOND BRAWN is par excellence, featuring an unprecedented depth of practical, relevant and readily applicable training information. Even more than that, the book is a training partner, companion, friend, and labor of love. A truly exceptional book!”

– Jan Dellinger

York Barbell Company

“BEYOND BRAWN is the most comprehensive, helpful and honest book on natural strength training today. With great care and in extraordinary detail this book covers every training-related topic you can imagine, without any hype.”

– Bob Whelan, MS, MS, CSCS.

President, Whelan Strength Training

“BEYOND BRAWN is the book we all wish we had years ago.”

– Richard A. Winett, Ph.D.


“BEYOND BRAWN is the bible of rational strength training . . . . Page after page is jam-packed with practical, real-world training information that you cannot find anywhere else . . . . This book has my highest endorsement — it's without a doubt the very best book on strength training I've ever read.”

– Kevin R. Fontaine, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Medicine

Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

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