I became an entertainment journalist because I sat home and watched TV and then figured out how to make a living at it,” she laughs. Maggie calls herself a robust, hip-py Irish woman and notes, “There was a real disconnect in the past for women about how to lose weight. Look at Betty Draper on Mad Men, starving herself, then breaking down and eating voraciously. I want to say, 'Betty go out for a walk. You might be able to eat a little more turkey on Thanksgiving if you went for a walk.'”

Luckily, Maggie eventually did discover the benefits of exercise, even if Betty has not. She started with an aerobics class in college and eventually graduated to running, where she pushed herself to run a ten-minute mile. When a knee injury undermined that effort, she discovered SoulCycle, an indoor cycling class that combines sweat and inspirational affirmations from the class leader. Well-known devotees include Chelsea Clinton and Lady Gaga. Maggie calls SoulCycle her perfect exercise, and says, “I spend forty-five minutes sweating like crazy and I am set for the day.”

I spend forty-five minutes sweating like crazy and I am set for the day. — Maggie Murphy

A lot of people perceive barriers to physical activity that aren't really there. Two reasons some adults say they don't exercise, according to Healthy People 2020, are the cost and the perception that it takes a lot of effort. Neither turns out to be true. What exercise does require is discipline, and that's where Olympic athletes have something to teach us. We can't expect to reach their fitness levels, but we can match a little bit of their determination.

After training some of these elite athletes at the London Olympics in 2012, Josh Holland became convinced that discipline was the foundation of their success. “What I took away from that experience was how disciplined these people are. To me, that is what it boils down to. They were blessed with certain talents and physical attributes, but I think they have a talent in discipline as well.”

Beyond making a commitment to exercise, your approach is limited only by your imagination.

When Josh posted videos on Facebook featuring a unique exercise every day for a year, he proved that neither a gym nor any kind of special equipment is required to work out. One of his favorite pieces of exercise gear is a jump rope; it's inexpensive and simple to use, and it fits right into your purse or suitcase. Most of his videos were not shot in a gym. “They were either in my apartment, or maybe out in a park,” he said.

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