Chapter 5 – Get Over the Over the Counters!

Much of what you learned in the previous chapters applies to OTC (Over the Counter) medicines. Examples of OTC drugs are pain relievers such as ibuprofen and aspirin, cough syrups, sinus medicines, hay fever tablets, and so on. These are the medicines you can get at most any drug store or grocery store without a prescription. Some OTC medicines can be combined with other substances to produce homemade hallucinogens, which is why some OTC meds are available without a prescription but limited in the number available for sale to one person at one time.

Note: I list those only as examples of OTC medicines. I am not saying that those specific OTC medicines are – or are not – bad for you. As with all of this book's subjects, misuse and incorrect application (using them to help a symptom without addressing the cause of whatever malady that might be causing that symptom) can lead to extremely bad results.

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