Often We Medicate Ourselves and Prolong the Problem

One thing I want you to begin being aware of is that we often do the opposite of what is best for us.

Let me give you an example. When you come down with a cold and begin dripping and running from your nose, your first instinct is to stop that runny nose. It's gross, it's a hassle, and it's time-consuming to be blowing all the time. But step back a little and consider this: Why is your nose running?

Could it be that your body needs to expel toxins?

I use the term toxin to cover a wide range of substances not healthful to our bodies but don't let the term frighten you. It's not that you were necessarily poisoned by something. It's infection or bacteria that your body says, “I don't like this and I want to eliminate it. The fastest way I can do that right now is through the nose and mouth.”

Hence the coughing and hacking when you get sick.

The next time this happens to you, instead of getting an OTC to dry yourself up such as a decongestant, you might instead try to follow your body's lead! You might look for, instead, an expectorant, which is a capsule or liquid that encourages your mucus membranes to flow even more heavily.

Get the idea? You are now helping your body eliminate the problem faster than you do by suppressing the mucus.

Do you know why your body gets a fever when you get sick? Infections have a much harder time living in a feverish body. Your body is trying to kill the infection for you! So why would you eliminate the fever as soon as you can? Some of us... and this will sound crazy... actually go soak in a very warm tub when we first get a fever. I encourage my body to heat up when it gives me the signal through a thermometer than it needs to heat up. I'd never take an aspirin to reduce a fever when I first get a fever. I want to kill off whatever it is my body wants to kill off and I'll gladly follow my body's lead.

Yes, a fever that prolongs is a sign of a serious problem. It's not always a serious problem, but a fever that lingers is not a great thing. You should get it checked. Fevers that get too high can begin to affect the brain, especially in children. But you know I'm not talking about extended illnesses that require the attention of a professional. I'm talking about the once-in-a-while kinds of sickness we all get from time to time. I'm asking you to look at how your body responds... and then consider helping your body, even if it means going against the traditional OTC medical attention you've given it in the past. In some cases, to the extent that you do that, you might just feel better and get well faster.

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