Question What Nobody Else Questions

One of the best pieces of advice I can give you is this: If the entire medical community says something is good, and the FDA backs it up, you should seriously question that. You've seen here how the exact opposite advice for healthy skin for 30 years has been, “stay out of the sun and use sunscreen.” You've seen here the horrible track record for flu shots and the massive danger such shots can lead to.

One of the most severe health dangers to the American public the past forty years has been the FDA's “food pyramid” which recently was changed to a “food plate.” The food pyramid (and the newer plate design) states that most of your diet should be grains, followed then by fruits, vegetables, and then only a limited supply of meats and fats.

The Food Pyramid and its completely wrong advice have created the largest customer base for the medical and drug industry ever imagined. The inferior health and the diabetes from the expanded waistline increases alone – all directly attributable to the FDA's Food Pyramid – is one of the biggest errors (or crimes depending on who you believe is responsible and why) “fed” to the American public since the country's founding.

I write a lot about health and diet in my other books. I won't go into all that now, but the health-destroying Food Pyramid sits as a proud example as to why the mainstream advice that “everybody” agrees to is exactly the opposite of what you should do. If I could quickly give you one health tip before closing out this book it would be:

Eat far more oils such as organic extra virgin olive oil, organic nuts, seeds, butter, and whole milk and cream, and increase your family's intake of grass-fed beef, range-free chickens and eggs, and Wild Alaskan salmon (no mercury) dramatically. Reduce your intake of grains such as corn and bread to almost nothing. Treat fruits as you now treat desserts – as a once-in-a-while pleasure but not a multi-serving item each day. And eat lots of colorful, leafy vegetables and eliminate starchy veggies such as potatoes altogether.

This turns the Food Pyramid upside down.

See, it's up to you to question everything. But don't do the opposite just because of the examples here. A colonoscopy, for example, is said to save lives and everybody from top of the American Medical Association to the most natural of “health food experts” will agree that you need a colonoscopy when you hit fifty. Everybody, even those normally in full disagreement seems to agree that a colonoscopy is wise. (I concur for what it's worth.) See, health is not all black and white. If it was things would be easier, wouldn't they?

Learn what you can. Listen to me, listen to others, ask your doctor, get a second medical opinion, seek natural health practitioners, and then make up your own mind once the research is in on whatever questions you have.


Jennifer Jolan

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