By this point, you've come to see that health is a dynamic process. You can create leaky gut and then heal it. You can tolerate something for a while and then build up immune complexes that set up intolerance. You can eat something when your life is going well and then develop problems under stress. Our bodies are always changing, just as our lives are. You have to be prepared for this.

I'm so proud of you for making it to Cycle 3! But I don't want you to assume that you're done and that there is nothing more to discover about your health. You might be able to tolerate dairy or eggs now, but that doesn't mean you can do so next year — or vice versa. So, I recommend moving through Cycles 1, 2 and 3 once a year, every year, for the rest of your life. You can choose whichever time of year works best for you, but I often find this works well as a “new year, new you” program, in the spring to get ready for summer or in the fall after too much summer vacation. If you have developed some food intolerances, you might see rapid fat loss again in Cycle 1. And if you have some weight to lose, focusing on your food quality and quantity and going back to journaling is definitely going to help.

When you go back through the cycles, you may have some surprises, which might possibly work both ways. Something you could never eat turns into a food you tolerate. Something you could always eat turns into a food you can't tolerate. This isn't me trying to trip you up, this is the way your body works. I'm trying to set you up for success by sharing this knowledge with you and encouraging you to take charge of your own health. If you'd rather spend the money, you can go to a functional doctor or naturopath and get tested for food sensitivities once a year. But I'd rather you do this program because then you are most closely in touch with your own body and your own responses. Practitioners will mainly test you for IgG sensitivies, but there are other ways that your body might react poorly to food. That's why I find that the very best test is the elimination diet. The sense of power you get from doing that will spill over into the rest of your life. I promise you, there is nothing like it.

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