If you have an autoimmune condition of any kind, the first thing you should do is yank the gluten.

My client Kim had been diagnosed with three separate autoimmune conditions. Her doctor deemed that she was “autoimmune-y” and could offer nothing better than “keep an eye on them.” I almost had a heart attack when I heard about it. I knew that anyone who struggles with one autoimmune disease is far more likely to develop another and that Kim's three autoimmune conditions were a strong predictor of her likelihood to develop another — perhaps even several more. As I do with all my autoimmune clients, I immediately got Kim to drop the gluten, dairy and soy from her diet, and I worked with her to make sure she had optimal vitamin D levels. All three of her conditions are virtually asymptomatic now, and she has not gone on to develop any others.

If you have been or are concerned about autoimmunity, get rid of the gluten, dairy and soy, just as I am having you do on this program. You may not be able to cure your condition, but you can definitely keep it from getting worse!

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