I've known for a while that gluten sensitivity and autoimmunity were related, but I was blown away by this powerful quote from Peter Osborne, DC, a board-certified doctor in clinical nutrition and a leading expert in gluten intolerance and celiac disease:

There are actually 140 autoimmune diseases that we've identified, and the only scientifically agreed upon cause for autoimmune is gluten sensitivity. Now there are other triggers for autoimmune disease. An infection can trigger an autoimmune disease. A vitamin deficiency can trigger an autoimmune disease, particularly vitamin D. But gluten tends to be kind of that central core hub that's always present.

Be careful when supplementing, though. When vitamin D is manufactured, gluten and dairy are often used to create the finished product, but ingredients used to make an initial raw ingredient do not need to be noted on the bottle. So, if your supplements make you feel worse, you need to check them out. If you're working with a practitioner who's aware of this issue, find out whether your brands are safe. Otherwise, just buy one of the trusted brands I recommend in the Resources section on my website.

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