I will prepare myself physically, mentally and emotionally for the birth of my baby. Each week I will focus on letting go of any fears, worries or negative emotions I may have about giving birth, and on strengthening feelings of positivity, courage and trust.


I will be totally relaxed and at ease when I give birth to my baby.


In full appreciation of all the changes taking place inside my body, I will take time this week to be with you in stillness.

You are now opening and closing your eyes, finding a rhythm to your sleeping patterns. They don't always coincide with mine; often it is when I am still that I notice that you are most active. Lying awake, sensitive to your wriggles, I imagine you trying to find a comfortable position to rest in, and attempting to suck your thumb. As well as being comforting, this is the perfect way to help strengthen your jaw and cheek muscles in preparation for you suckling later on.

Your lungs are developing steadily. Mine, however, become a little more squashed as my body makes room for you to grow. I am noticing how easily I become breathless now when doing everyday activities.

Regular gentle exercise is supporting my body and spirit though, and helps to keep my circulatory system fit and healthy.

As we enter the third trimester I find myself thinking more about your birth-day.

I am considering all the various options available to me: home birth, natural birth, the local hospital.

I want your birth-day to be a beautiful occasion for us both.

BENEFITS: Supported Upavista Konasana stretches the inner thighs, hips and groin; relaxes the pelvic-floor muscles; lengthens the spine and releases tension in the lower back.

It also helps to alleviate pelvic girdle discomfort symptoms.


Pressing the pause button in my daily life,

I will rest my body and mind.

I will invite silence between my words,

space between my thoughts

and stillness between my actions.

Asana for the Week

Supported Upavista Konasana

Supported Wide-Legged Forward Fold

For this pose I will need a yoga mat and several small cushions.

This pose is suitable for all stages of my pregnancy.


CAUTIONS: If I have pelvic girdle discomfort I will bring my legs closer together, so they are only as wide as my outer hips.

MODIFICATIONS: If I experience discomfort in the backs of my knees I will bring my legs towards each other until the discomfort diminishes, and place a folded blanket under my knees.

To allow more room for you, as my pregnancy progresses I can use a bed or the seat of a chair to rest my head on.

I sit on my yoga mat with my legs gently stretched out to the sides. I stack some cushions and place them in between my legs. Tilting from my pelvis, I softly fold forward and rest my head on the cushions. My hands rest gently on the floor at either side. I invite stillness into my body and mind, simply enjoying being here with you.

I bring my attention to my breath. I notice the natural pause at the end of my inhalation and at the end of my exhalation.

I focus my mind on the pause at the end of my exhalations, allowing myself to drop into this stillness. I feel its depth and expanse as I immerse myself more fully, more completely into this pause.

Staying here for up to ten minutes, I mindfully repeat this week's affirmation:

I will be totally relaxed and at ease when I give birth to my baby.


In my practice I found peace in my body and mind, uniting with you in stillness.


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