I am in control of making the right decisions to have the right birth for me and my baby.


I visualize the birth I desire and nurture the power from within to create a spirit of empowerment.

As I begin to plan and get ready for your arrival, you too are busy, making your own preparations to help equip yourself for the outside world.

Your digestive, circulatory and respiratory systems are now fully functioning and you are starting to regulate your own body temperature, thanks to all the fatty layers you have been developing underneath your skin to protect and keep you warm.

As you are steadily putting on fat, there is less room for you to stretch out and somersault and I notice that your movements are a little more forceful. At times I find myself watching my skin undulate, feeling the presence of you writhing around.

I enjoy having fun trying to guess which part of your body is reaching out; a smooth rump I guess to be your back or bottom, and a pointed protrusion perhaps your elbow or knee. I design a map in my mind of where you lie in my belly.

You are my little yogini.

BENEFITS: Parsvakonasana stretches the shoulders, chest, hamstrings, hips and calves; strengthens the thighs and improves stamina.

CAUTIONS: It is advised that I do not practise deep or unsupported squats after week 34 of my pregnancy or once my baby is engaged.

I can continue to practise this pose by straddling a chair with my right sitting bone and the top of my right thigh resting on the seat of the chair, then repeating the pose on my other side. I will avoid this pose if I have pelvic girdle discomfort.

MODIFICATIONS: If I have high blood pressure it is advised that I practise this pose with my raised arm on my hip instead.


I become empowered with positive thoughts, reminding myself that I am a strong, capable woman who has the strength, resilience and knowledge to give birth to my baby with ease and grace.

Asana for the Week

Parsvakonasana - Standing Side Angle Stretch

For this pose I will need a yoga mat, a wall or a chair.


Placing my yoga mat against a wall, I take the shape of Virabhadrasana II from last week's practice (see page 103).

Softening down through my right thigh, I extend my upper body over to the right. I bend my right elbow and rest it on my right thigh with my palm facing up. I bring my left hand to rest on you.

I wonder if I will feel you move as you make shapes with your body too.

When I feel ready I raise my left arm up and over to rest next to my left ear.

I can choose between looking forward or turning my gaze up towards my left hand.

Staying for three breaths, I mindfully repeat this week's affirmation:

I am in control of making the right decisions to have the right birth for me and my baby.

I repeat the pose to my other side.


To help me prepare for labor I have learnt to move my body safely and intuitively, affirm positive thoughts, use my voice constructively, focus on my breath and cultivate feelings of empowerment.


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