Rest and Revive

It is important that I rest whenever I can during these final weeks of pregnancy, to help me prepare my mind, body and soul to give birth to my baby.


To help prepare myself for your birth-day, it is important that I listen to my body's needs, conserve my energy and gather my strength, taking any opportunity I can to rest and revive.

You are maturing and growing at an astonishing rate now, adding weight daily.

Your respiratory system continues to develop. While your chest wall and diaphragm refine their structures ready to help support the mechanics of your breathing, your lungs have still to reach full maturity.

The alveoli in your lungs continue to unfold and branch out and a greasy substance, called surfactant, masks the interior of your lungs to protect them and help you breathe with ease once you are born.

Steadily your immune system gains strength, strength that I hope to complement with breastfeeding you once you are born. My breasts are becoming noticeably fuller and sometimes leak colostrum, a sign that my body is preparing for your arrival. This first milk, sometimes referred to as 'Liquid Gold', is what I will feed you when you are first born; it contains a yummy collection of natural antibiotics, probiotics and stem cells to quench your thirsty appetite and support your immune system.

While my body prepares itself for your birth-day, I should take rest during the day whenever I can; the physical demands that giving birth will place on my body can be compared to running a marathon!

BENEFITS: Supported Reclining Twist with a bolster improves breathing and circulation; relieves tension in the shoulders and back muscles and calms the mind.

CAUTIONS: I will discontinue practising this pose if it becomes uncomfortable for me. I will let my body be my guide.

MODIFICATIONS: As my pregnancy progresses I will use additional cushions, placing one between my thighs and one under my belly to make the pose more comfortable for me and to provide extra support for my growing baby.


As I lie on my left side and relax,

I will meditate upon the rhythm of my breath.

I will remind myself that for the next few minutes

there is nothing to do, nowhere to go.

I will simply allow myself to be;

Not doing or thinking,

just being… with you.

Asana for the Week

Supported Reclining Twist

For this pose I will need a yoga mat, a bolster or long pillow and a folded blanket.

This pose is suitable for all stages of my pregnancy.


Sitting on my yoga mat, I place the short end of my long cushion or bolster against my right hip, placing a folded blanket at the other end.

Bending my knees, I slide my legs over to the left, then rest my hands on the floor either side of my bolster and turn my upper chest to the right. I walk my hands forward, extending and resting my torso over the bolster. I relax the right side of my head on the blanket. My arms rest softly on the floor beside me.

I welcome my breath, surrendering deeper into the pose with each breath. Letting go of my thoughts, I enjoy some quiet moments of not doing, simply being here with you and taking time to restore my energy.

Staying here for three to five minutes, I mindfully repeat this week's affirmation:

It is important that I rest whenever I can during these final weeks of pregnancy, to help me prepare my mind, body and soul to give birth to my baby.

I repeat the pose to my other side.

To come out of the pose I remove the bolster, bend my knees and rest on my left side. I stay here for a few minutes before using my hands to gently assist me up into a sitting position.


To help prepare myself for the birth of my baby, I relaxed and restored my mind, body and soul in a peaceful practice that encouraged me to rest and revive.



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