I will learn to accept, respond and adapt to new and challenging situations by practising flexibility.

You now resemble a newborn. You have the body of a perfectly formed little person and your skin is changing from translucent to a warm shade of pink.

The downy fine hair, lanugo, that lightly decorates your skin is beginning to moult; however, you still remain cloaked in the waxy substance vernix caseosa, which protects your skin and insulates you to keep you warm as you lie bathed in my amniotic fluid.

This protective coat will also help you to slide with relative ease along the birth canal on your birth-day.

Your head may now be starting to try to nestle, like a perfectly fitting puzzle, into my pelvis.

If you're not there yet, no need to worry; there is still plenty of time to twist and turn to find that comfortable place to rest in readiness for your delivery into my world.

Stay inside your cozy uterine home just a little longer; you are safe there and I am reassured by your constant movements that all is well - sometimes I find myself counting them and there can be as many as ten per hour!

BENEFITS: Marichyasana III Twist Variation improves digestion and elimination; strengthens and lengthens the spine, helps relieve back tension; stretches the shoulders and chest; calms the mind and helps balance emotions.

MODIFICATIONS: To help maintain length in my spine and prevent rounding in my lower back I will use the support of a cushion under my sitting bones and I will use a block to rest my back hand on (b).


Finalizing your birth-day arrangements this week, I will note down all my birth plan wishes.

I will practise flexibility of the mind; to be adaptable and open to change.

Accepting any differences with grace and dignity, I will respond in a loving, intelligent and soulful way.

Asana for the Week

Marichyasana III -Twist Variation: Sage Open Twist

For this pose I will need a yoga mat, a small cushion and a block.

This pose is suitable for all stages of my pregnancy.


I sit on my yoga mat with my legs straight out in front of me, making sure you have space I separate my legs so they are slightly wider than my hips. I bend my right knee and place my right foot in line with my left knee.

I shuffle my right foot over to the right edge of my mat to make room for you and ensure we are both comfortable.

I sit up tall, lengthening my spine.

Bending my right elbow, I rest it against the inside of my right knee.

My left hand rests on the floor behind me in line with my left sitting bone (a).

I turn my heart center to the left. I remind myself that when situations arise that feel twisted, distorted or out of sorts I need to come back into my center and take a look from a different angle in order to see things with a clearer perception.

Staying for three breaths, I mindfully repeat this week's affirmation:

This labor is my labor and the right one for me and my baby.

I repeat the pose to my other side.


By accepting the physical and emotional changes in pregnancy, I have learnt to open my body and mind in different ways to find flexibility.


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