Each powerful sensation in labor is nature's way of bringing my baby to me.


I will visualize the birth I desire, replace negative thoughts with affirmations and use my practice to express feelings of positivity.

Squashed together, my organs rearrange themselves to make room for you in my growing uterus, which has now inflated to several times its normal size. Providing you with the perfect home, my body continues to supply you with all the ongoing nourishment and protection you need to complete your journey of creation.

You have now filled out and have adorable chubby little arms and legs.

I, on the other hand, feel cumbersome and large; I am still getting used to my changing shape and new body image.

Waddling around, I notice that I can no longer squeeze behind counters or slide in between people - I need more room for the two of us.

Looking down, though, I can still see my toes to check for any signs of swelling, and as my centre of gravity perpetually changes, regular exercise and yoga is helping me to maintain a good posture and fend off any lower-back discomfort.

For the past seven months we have shared so many intimate moments, and I am overwhelmed by this enduring, deep love I feel for you.

BENEFITS: Thai Goddess Pose gives a strong stretch to the soles of the feet; this is the intention, however, use it as an opportunity to practise the Birthing Breath and make deep vowel sounds to surrender into the stretch and help ease the discomfort.

The Birthing Breath and deep vowel sounds can be valuable tools in labor to help direct the energy down to the base of the body and help to relax the pelvic-floor muscles to ease delivery.

CAUTIONS: I will avoid this pose if I have knee injuries; however I will still continue to practise the Birthing Breath.


Idly I daydream and paint a picture of your birth-day.

I see myself using my breath to remain calm and composed with each surge, and instinctively moving to the inner callings from my body.

Casting my thoughts to you I see you in my mind's eye, entering the world with ease.

I hold on to this image, affirming it with positive thoughts, to help prepare my mind, body and soul for your birth-day.

Asana for the Week

Thai Goddess Pose

For this pose I will need a yoga mat and a small cushion(s).

This pose is suitable for all stages of my pregnancy.

I place my yoga mat against a wall and move into a tabletop position with my heels resting up against the wall. I curl my toes under and sit back on my heels, using a cushion(s) to bridge any gaps between my sitting bones and heels. I rest my upper back against the wall and bring my hands together in front of my heart center in the gesture of a loving touch, Anjali mudra.

I am aware of discomfort in my toes while I am in the Thai Goddess Pose, but I practise replacing any negative feelings I have with positive ones, focusing on my breath and using sound to help calm my mind.

I practise the Birthing Breath, for five breaths (see pages 63–6).

As I feel the discomfort of the pose intensifying I imagine it to be a surge reaching its peak. I inhale through my nose and exhale through my mouth, directing my out-breath down to you and my pelvic floor. I remember to smile.

Returning to tabletop position, I uncurl my toes and take ten natural breaths.

Mindfully I repeat this week's affirmation:

Each powerful sensation in labor is nature's way of bringing my baby to me.

Returning to the Thai Goddess Pose I sound the vowel “ooo” along with my exhalation. I practise this five times, then ease out of the pose, take ten natural breaths.

I repeat the pose and sound the vowel “aaahhh” five times.

I concentrate on replacing any negative feelings I have with positive ones, focusing on my breath and using sound to help calm my mind. I come out of the pose and slowly allow my breath to return to its natural rhythm.



This week I was encouraged to erase any negative thoughts or emotions I may have surrounding the birth of my baby and instead nurture feelings of inner peace, strength and positivity.


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