I deserve to have the birth of my dreams.


As I think about meeting you I will gather my pregnancy photographs, scans and memories of our journey together over the past nine months, taking time this week for some contemplation.

Congratulations, you are now reaching the end of your journey.

All your organs have now developed - this week marks the coming to maturity of your lungs.

Before long you will experience your first breath, taking in the air of the outside world and finding your own unique and natural rhythm.

For now, though, you continue to breathe with a special fluid made by your lungs and ingest the water of life, my amniotic fluid, practising your newly acquired skills of peeing, sleeping, breathing and feeding, and refine the skill of suckling by sucking your thumb.

Very soon you will learn to synchronize sucking and swallowing with breathing, a skill you will need once you begin to feed from me.

With your birth-day imminent, my body is getting ready for this special day. The mucus plug, which has acted like a protective seal to my cervix, might start to slowly come free in the form of a discharge, a signal that you may be on your way and that my cervix can get ready to dilate.

Take your time; it is safe for you to stay inside your uterine hideaway for another couple of weeks.

There is no rush.

BENEFITS: Balasana stretches the inner thighs, hips and groin; relaxes the pelvic-floor muscles; lengthens the spine; releases tension in the lower back.

Child's Pose can be a useful pose to rest in between surges during the early stages of labor, offering you respite and an opportunity to gather strength and resilience ready for the rising of the next surge.

CAUTIONS: If I have pelvic girdle discomfort or find this posture uncomfortable, I will come on to all fours into a tabletop position and use a birthing ball or the seat of a chair to rest my arms and head on.

MODIFICATIONS: If I experience discomfort in my knees I will place a cushion behind each knee.


This week I will recall our journey over the past nine months, remembering this precious time we have spent together living and breathing together, entwined within each other's body.

I will keep each twist, turn, kick, hiccup and Braxton Hicks squeeze etched on my memory, savoring all these wonderful sensations of carrying you inside me.

Asana for the Week

Balasana - Child's Pose

For this pose I will need a yoga mat and several small cushions.

This pose is suitable for all stages of my pregnancy.

I come on to all fours into a tabletop position, taking my knees out wide to the sides and bringing my big toes to touch behind me. I sit back on my heels, using a cushion(s) to bridge any gaps between my sitting bones and heels.

Tilting from my hips, I extend my torso and bow down. I walk my hands forward and rest my head on a cushion(s), making sure you have room to enjoy this pose too.

Resting in Child's Pose, I will think about you, my child. I will reflect on our journey together so far and all that we have achieved. I will contemplate our lives ahead as mother and child.

Staying for ten breaths, I mindfully repeat this week's affirmation:

I deserve to have the birth of my dreams.



By creating a journal of my pregnancy I have a beautiful keepsake.



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