Overcoming Cross-Sightedness and Lazy Eye - Part 2

In addition to the exercises in this section, it is essential to do some of the previously mentioned exercises as well. Especially helpful for cross-sightedness is the exercise in the section on astigmatism called “Glow in the Dark.” As I mentioned in the introduction to Chapter 4, it is important to refer back to that chapter for an extensive explanation of the exercises I recommend in this section. In addition to extensively describing the exercise steps, there is important information regarding the benefits of these recommended practices.

One other wonderful practice for you is to lie down twice a day with a warm towel over your closed eyes. One of the recommendations that I normally make is to soak the towel in warm herbal tea. Do not use boiling water, just warm water. Within two or three minutes, the towel tends to cool off, and that pleasant feeling can improve your circulation and increase your level of relaxation when you start to work for further improvement. The reason to do this with the towels is to alleviate the strain you have caused your eyes after doing the other exercises. Relaxation must be something you prioritize after doing all of them. Alleviate the strain with a wet towel!

Also, and this is especially vital for cross-sightedness, make sure you are practicing breathing exercises daily and receiving face, neck, and back massages from a certified massage therapist at least once a month, but preferably much more often.

Exercise Program for Cross-Sightedness: At Least 90 Minutes a Day

• Sunning: 10 minutes daily.

• Palming: 12 minutes daily.

• Long Swing: 10 minutes daily.

• Glow in the Dark: 10 minutes daily.

• Walking Backward: 5 minutes daily.

• Blink Each Eye Independently: 5 minutes daily.

• Extra Exercise for Cross-Sightedness: 30 minutes daily.

I cannot stress enough how important it is to make these exercises a regular part of your daily routine. Whatever you are doing, you can also practice your eye exercises. While you are waiting for a bus, you can do your sunning. While you are riding the bus, you can look far into the distance. You can always be looking at details. At work, instead of taking cigarette or coffee breaks, take breaks to practice long swinging or palming. Anywhere there is a dark room, you can practice throwing a glow-in-the-dark ball around! Don't just practice for one hour or two hours at home. Incorporate these exercises into every aspect of your life. That is the way to give yourself good vision for life!

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