Rosemary - Part 3

Memory is a thought form, and thought precedes matter, or material form. Our physical body, which is material form inhabited by spirit, has its own cellular memory, which is perceived first through the senses. This perception or knowing can be directly experienced at a cellular level. It is through this cellular memory that we activate our DNA and wake up. The spiral path is the bridge between two realities where we are given the opportunity to fully integrate this dimension so that we can move on to the next.

The illumination of matter would not be possible had it not first emerged from the darkness of the void. All matter contains within it a balance of light and dark. If we choose not to climb the evolutionary rungs of the spiral ladder and instead continue to operate with the same limited strands of DNA

 from our past, then we experience what might be considered a fall from grace. Form returns to formlessness and is rebirthed at an appropriate level of consciousness that serves the continuing evolution of form. From this point of reference, the memory of “the fall” lives in both the future and the past by the same laws that govern this dimension of duality. You cannot have day without night or future without past in this dimension. It is similar to the way a computer does a future projection based on past events, only our minds have the power to manifest those projections in physical, three-dimensional reality. When time ceases to be linear, we will remember our days of future passed and fully enter four-dimensional reality. It is a paradox.

While linear thinking may allow us to comprehend spiral dynamics, a finite mind cannot wrap itself around something that is infinite. The retrieval of memories, both past and future, is necessary for the activation of what was once thought of as our “junk” DNA. It is through this activation that we will evolve into the next dimension of existence and the world of illumination, where we still have bodies, albeit bodies of light. In fact we are already in bodies of light but have not integrated or come into balance with the darkness of our shadow so that we can be fully conscious of who we truly are.

Rosemary is the stimulus that calls on the memories from our past so that we can re-member our future. The ancient Egyptians understood these mysteries and left many clues, including the drinking of rosemary-infused wine and the myth of Isis and Osiris. Past and future live in the portal of the present. We are the future that the Egyptians envisioned in what is now our past.

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