Rosemary - Part 4

Re-membering takes place in the present moment. It is in the present that we walk between the worlds, get a glimpse of eternity, and awaken to who we are and why we are here. Shame, guilt, remorse, regret, and blame do not exist in nonlinear time. When we step off the path of cause and effect, we become co-creators of a New Earth.

When something is called to memory, its spirit lives in the present. So the question is, What do we want to remember? Most of us would answer that we want to remember things that are positive and life affirming. While traumatic events are also held in memory and must be called back in order to be released and healed, it is the role of rosemary to contact the memories of those things we hold most dear. Rosemary has the ability to open our hearts

 to the part of us that is childlike and innocent. Allow rosemary to remind you of the power of an open heart and an open mind, for these are the qualities that are necessary at this time.

Rosemary also asks you to remember who is the master of your garden. We are immersed in a patriarchal system that has been supported by the unconscious feminine and that has brought us to the brink of total collapse. We have forgotten what it means to co-create and to live in harmony. Use rosemary in aromatherapy to remember that which you cherish most deeply—the gift of life. When we remember this, we automatically nurture and protect. Rosemary essential oil diluted in olive oil may be used to anoint yourself when going through a shamanic death. If you are in the presence of someone who is getting ready to pass over and that person is open to being anointed, place one drop of the diluted essential oil on each wrist and one on the third eye. This will stimulate spiritual and mental clarity and open a portal through a pyramid of light for a more complete passing, or stepping over, into the next realm. When a life ends—a woman loses her pregnancy for whatever reason, an elder passes on, or anything else departs—branches of rosemary can be placed on the floor and then stepped over as a symbolic way to close the door of the spirit world so that both the living and the dead can move on.

The current system that is passing away from us now was based on fear, domination, and control. Its war cry was “divide and conquer.” Ancient knowledge, as held throughout the ages by various secret societies, sages, gurus, and spiritual leaders, has directed us to remember the original instructions given to us by the Creator.

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