Rosemary - Part 5

These instructions live within every cell of our being.

When an environment becomes extremely polluted, as have our bodies from eating poisoned, depleted, chemically altered, and genetically modified food, it becomes difficult to remember these instructions. Cleanse your mind and your palette with rosemary. Prepare a sacred feast, and set it on your table with a centerpiece of rosemary. Breathe deeply, and let her fragrance awaken your senses to the remembrance of the sacredness of life. Something has given its life so that you may live. Honor it. Season it with rosemary. Plant rosemary at the entrance of your home to impart protection to all who enter and dwell there. Marry it to the magic of the herbs. Preserve it with an open heart.



I have a tale to tell you. It is as old as the oldest tree that grows by the sea, and perhaps it is even older still. It is a story shared mostly among the devas and the nature spirits who near this sea do dwell.

A long, long time ago there lived a man who loved trees. He spent his whole life building sailing ships from wood to sail on the sea. He never took a wife, though he was handsome as a king, but he wanted nothing more than to feel the wood from which he made many a beautiful thing. One day while he was out sailing, a mighty wind came quickly rising and took him with his vessel to the bottom of the deep. The last thing on his mind before his life began to fade was the tall and noble tree from which his sailing ship was made. He asked the spirits of the ocean, he posed the question to the sea, if he were to be born again, might he come back as a tree?

Many years would pass before a maiden walked along the rocky shore. And as she walked she spied a tree so handsome that she fell on her knees. Daily she came to stand before this tall and noble tree, and every day she wished that he could hear her plea. She wished that he could be her lover, wrap his pine bough arms around her, and make love sweetly to her as the wind sang through their hair. She had eyes and arms and hands only for this tree there by the sea, beside which she would stand for hours until the nature spirits took pity on her lovesick reverie.

Now, the deva of the tree forbade this love, but the nature spirits granted her one night in his human company. She came that eve at twilight, for she loved to watch the stars rise behind his handsome silhouette, but what she came to find there, she never would forget. In place of her beloved tree stood a very handsome man, with the darkest hair and greenest eyes that she had ever seen.

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